When evaluating a company, a business, a patent or a trademark, you want to be sure that the evaluator has in-depth commercial experience and understands the core value drivers in a market and business context. 

What we provide

Paul Bevan, founder of Central Value Worldwide S.L., has performed a vast number of valuations –an M&A professional, in international tax, and as Finance Director allocating resources and driving business turnarounds.

His specialities include the appraisal and evaluation of:

· companies;

· business segments or product divisions;

· intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents and goodwill;

· commercial claims.

Paul co-chaired a Task Force set up by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to write and publish a new “ICC Handbook on Valuation of Intellectual Property Assets”, available here.

As an expert witness, Paul brings all his international commercial experience and highest professional standards to the table, ensuring a thorough, objective, and cost-effective appraisal of any disputed value.