International Commercial Mediator


Is one of your business agreements taking up a higher portion of your attention than you would like?

Are you having to spend time discussing how to resolve issues, instead of focussing on growing your business? 

In many international commercial disputes, in-house and/or external lawyers can reach a solution. However, a drawn out legal battle can be harmful for the business atmosphere between the parties, and can prompt them to look for other business partners. 

Mediation can break a deadlock at any stage in the discussions and thereby represent significant savings in cost and time spent.

More and more legal systems are requesting parties to attempt mediation before referring to the courts. Significantly, when allocating costs, courts are increasingly taking into account any unreasonable refusal to mediate.

As a mediator, Paul Bevan adheres to the European Code of Conduct for Mediators. His career in international commerce, his experience in leading complex cross-border negotiations and multi-functional teams, enable him to achieve win-win solutions in often highly conflictive situations, whilst ensuring speed and cost-effectiveness.